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Recognized as the world's most successful Zumba Instructor, Medical Miracle for self healing Rheumatoid Arthritis and top digital Author and expert helping YOU reach your potential.


Your potential is boundless. My mission is to help you realize it. 


Unlock the transformative power within you. Every thing you will find here has been created for you and is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and limitless potential.  Whether you seek inner (and/or physical) healing, self-love, or the tools to manifest your dreams, you have found the right place. 

 Living your best life is not just a desire but an attainable reality.


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Santa Barbara Local Hero | Congressional Award  | Zumba Hero Award | Advisory Board Member; Women in Leadership UCSB 

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Trusted by thousands to help transform lives- One of  DailyOM's top 3 digital authors.

Living your best life just got easier!

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The inspired Entrepeneur

Transform your passions into a thriving business that uplifts the world.  This is the ONLY business school you need!  I Intertwine passion, purpose, and profit, teaching you not just how to succeed, but how to thrive and make a difference.

Be the leader, visionary, and entrepreneur you were born to be

 Recovery Roadmap: How I healed Autoimmune

Say goodbye to the limitations of  Autoimmune disease and hello to a life of freedom, vitality, and wellness.  This course shares My Healing Blueprint: Step-by-step guide on how I conquered RA and became disease free.

Healing Blueprint

 Creative Visualization

Harness the Power of Visualization. Take the leap today. Shape tomorrow. Live a life crafted by you, for you. Life by Design: The power of Creative Visualization is not just about seeing the future. It's about making it.

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