The premiere Transformative experience that transcends just physical fitness.  Energy healing, Iconic Dance Fitness, unparalleled Community.  Programs designed to empower and inspire while achieving your personal wellness goals.


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"Josette's class is life changing. She has created a safe, fun, welcoming, inclusive space that is truly unique-- I've never been to such a loving and enjoyable class anywhere else!"

Josette has created an environment that can not truly be described with words. It is so inclusive. Our daughter has long term physical deficits from childhood cancer and Josette has shown her support acceptance and love, and encouragement for her to become a certified Zumba instructor herself."

 Josette has improved my life in so many ways. Her class is more than an exercise program. This is a way of life, an absolute necessity. I have been coming to this class for 5 years now and have met so many incredible members of our community there. It’s such a uniting force and pillar for Santa Barbara."

"Josette’s class is the only thing that kept me looking forward to another day when I was going through the most difficult times in my life. I was able to overcome depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts because of this class. In this time we live in, we need to be encouraging, supporting, uplifting and promoting people like Josette and her mission to bring physical and mental health to the community. Not a day goes by that don’t think about Zumba in the evening with Josette and all of the wonderful people that to there."



Hi!  I am Josette.  I am passionate about holding space for your powerful well-being.

I believe that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have, and that the world needs you to stand empowered and share your divine gifts.  My own experiences have shown me that we can reverse disease and heal lifelong trauma as well as re-align with your authentic self and remove any blocks that may be in the way of your dreams.

There is no one-size fits all in this deep process so I have worked to curate solutions and programs that is for anyone wanting to live a more aligned and intuitive life.

I offer myself, my experience, over a decade of tools and solutions to guide  you as you meet the hero within you.   



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