Dance on your time

  • Gain aerobic/aneorobic endurance
  • FEEL amazing NOW!
  • Have the time of your life while sweating
  • Lose your cares, connect with your true self;
  • Lose inches, gain mojo.
  • Tone every muscle group simultaneously
  • Inspirations give you tools to: empower yourself to clear the path to abundance, health and prosperity.
  • Heal past wounds and feel amazing in the skin you are in.
  • How to be confident and sexy and sure of your destiny.
  • How to love the body you are in while you get the body you desire
  • Effective meditation practice.
  • Effective resistance stretching techniques.

  • Whenever - wherever
    Pre-recorded classes



    In Italy during the onset of quarantine, Josette's Class saved me as always..
    Actress Kimberley Williams Paisely on Extra

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